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Wind Power

Wind power turbines, to generate electricity, provide a rapidly deployable source of cleaner electricity production with very high scaling multiplier.

This type of electricity generation provides huge amounts of electricity to reduce societal environmental impacts. Some wind power locations provide such predictable production as to be practically dispatchable (e.g., NW Africa coast and parts of interior US).

Due to very high scaling multiplier, “the bigger the better” applies to wind turbines. Wind turbines can be concentrated at distant high wind locations, with electricity transported long distances using HVDC transmission lines (e.g., from NW Africa to Europe).

Wind turbines, mounted on towers, generate AC electricity, via underground cables from each tower to avoid providing a perch for birds which could be harmed by accidentally flying into the moving blades of a wind generator.

The underground lines surface away from the wind towers at AC substations, with AC lines aggregated to HVDC lines for transmission to demand systems far away.

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Wind Power
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