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Tropical Cyclogenesis

Hurricanes Jova and Lee

September 2023

Early September 2023 saw rapid intensification of two hurricanes near North America: Hurricane Jova in the Pacific Ocean, and Hurricane Lee in the Atlantic Ocean.

Figure 1:  Hurricane Jova, 7th of Sept. 2023, in the Pacific Ocean, south of Baja California, Mexico. [NASA]

Figure 2:  Predawn eye wall lightning, Hurricane Jova, 7th of Sept. 2023. [NOAA/CIRA]

Figure 3:  Hurricane Lee, at high intensity, 7th of Sept. 2023, in the Atlantic Ocean. [NASA]

Figure 4:  Video of Hurricane Lee, with coencentric eye walls and lightning, after weakening but still a major hurricane, 11th of Sept. 2023. Notice the clockwise cirrus outflow. [NOAA/CIRA]

Eyewall Replacement

“This evening, Lee appears to be in the final stages of completing another eyewall replacement cycle (ERC). A GPM microwave pass at 2201 UTC showed that the outer eyewall remains closed and, while it remains quite large, continues to contract slowly as the inner eyewall decays within.”
Hurricane Lee Discussion Number 27, NHC/NOAA, 11th of Sept. 2023.
Figure 5:  GPM/GMI descending orbit that was lucky to image the entire eye of Hurricane Lee. When viewing this in NASA Worldview, as shown here, remember to turn off the cross track (ascending) orbit data layer since it was at a different time of day. [NASA]

Figure 6:  A different microwave sensor found Huricane Lee in its orbit swath, earlier the same day, showing inner eye wall with broken side hours before. [CIRA]

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